The Monocle Building, circa 1885
Private Event Room Information

The following information is to assist you in planning for your special occasion.  Our rooms can accommodate six to 65 people for a sit-down event.  Receptions can be arranged for groups of  20 to 200.

Upstairs Federal Room area

Upstairs Federal Room area

We have the Federal Room, Wine Room and the Atrium Room. The Federal Room is often sectioned into two rooms-Federal Room North and Federal Room South. The Atrium Room is semi private and is situated past the main bar.

There are no room charges for a private event, although there are food and beverage minimums. You may be charged a room charge if the event is for an extended period of time. Your credit card number is required to reserve the space. A deposit will confirm your reservation. Deposits are non refundable and vary from $150-$500 based on the time of day and room.

If an event is cancelled within two weeks of the confirmed reservation, your credit card will be charged 50% the food and beverage minimum. All cancellations must be in writing. The guaranteed number of guests needs to be expressed at least two business days before the event. We look forward to serving you.

Food and Beverage per-room Minimums:

Wine Room (10 maximum)
• $250 for Lunch
• $500 Dinner

Federal Rooms for Lunch (65 maximum)

• $450 for the North Room (one table 20 or 30 at round tables)

• $800 for the South Room ( one table 24 or 40 at round tables)

• $1,450 for whole room

Federal Room for Receptions (125 maximum)

$900 for receptions in North Room (at left)

• $1,750 whole room for reception until 6:30pm

• $2,750 whole room for the evening

Federal Room for Dinner (65 maximum)

• $900 for the North Room

• $1,750 for the South Room (at right)

• $2,750 for whole room

Atrium Room ( semi private)

$750 for reception until 6:30 pm

$1500 for dinner (36 maximum)


• $250 for North Room, South Room or Wine Room

• $600 for Main Dining Room (at right) or entire Federal Room